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How is your brand building an experience?

Reshaping your brand to share your message is more than a tagline or a logo, it’s an experience for your customer. TDC helps you build that experience and carve out a unique place in the mind of your target audience.

Your Message: Delivered!

In the world of Marketing, there’s only one thing that matters: Your positive message reaching your target audience. Our role is to be an active participant within your team as a diversely talented member – capable of advising and executing in each aspect of the process. We spend the time interviewing and learning from you, learning your goals so we can help you build a strong and lasting impact for your brand.

Today, Brand Identity, Social Identity, In-Market and Web Presence are all intimately tied together. They cannot operate independently. You need a “Swiss Army Knife” of message delivery, capable of speaking to all facets of the process.

We take pride in your success.

Brand Identity

It’s more than a logo. More than a colour, font or tagline. Your brand is You – what you stand for and how you do business.

Together we will work to outline your goals and core competencies. We’ll help you solidify a concise message that you can take out to the market. We work as a team to bring focus and identity to your brand.

Then…if you need a logo, colours, fonts and taglines. We can make it all happen for you.

Web Design Solutions

For 18 years, we have worked with some of the largest companies in Canada to build functional websites that drive their business. Today, there are many options from WordPress to Custom Development; from Public Websites to Microsites to Internal Employee Systems.

Your site needs to be eye-catching, readable, engaging and concise. Beyond that, it’s important that you have a presence in Google, on Mobile Devices and that your site runs quickly.

Let us work with you to carve out a unique corner of the internet for your Online Identity and help you reach your clients.

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